The Great Bohol Sea Tour and Dolphin Watching Adventure

Apr 13, 2009

Since we were just at home this Lenten break, I was craving for the beach and had to take a look at the pictures of our last vacation in Bohol. I realized that I haven't posted our pictures of the sea tour and dolphin watching adventure. I already forgot the details of the trip but here are the pictures. We were on the boat at around 6:00, just in time for the sunrise:

There were around 10 boats of tourists hoping to see the dolphins, so imagine the noise their engines make whenever the spotter points to wherever the dolphins are.

No wonder, this is the only decent picture of a dolphin I was able to take. After a while, I gave up taking pictures and just enjoyed looking for them.

After maybe 2 hours, we headed to Balicasag Island for snorkeling but only the hubby and the eldest were able to go. They had to pay separately for the small boat that will bring them near the fish sanctuary, and another P150.00 each as snorkeling fee and I forgot how much for the rental of the snorkels as well.

While waiting for them, I ordered lunch of Sinigang na Isda in one of the stall nearby. We also ordered 10 cups of rice and even my picky younger son had 2 servings! That's how good the sinigang was!

We also explored the island and saw the light house and the other structure (I knew what it was, but cant seem to recall now).
See how much fun they are having? It makes my heart swell with joy as well.

After lunch, we were very excited to go Virgin Island. My friend Maan was so raving about it. She said that if we only have one place to go to in Bohol, Virgin Island is a must. She even have pictures to prove it. And boy, we were SO disappointed. The Virgin Island we saw was like a no man's land.

So we had jump shots instead!Then, we were back at the Alona beach by 3pm.I can't recall where we had dinner, but I knew that we still had time to go swimming at the pool to cap off the day! It was a very enjoyable day and we had so much fun.
While looking at the pictures, my little girl was asking his dad when we are going back to Bohol. And I knew that she also enjoyed our vacation very much.

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  • Badong
    April 14, 2009  

    Wow. Gusto ko talagang makapunta ng Bohol. O kahit san basta malibot ko ang buong pinas. kainggit. hehe.

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