I Want A Car Now!

Mar 11, 2009

We went to my sister's house in Taytay, Rizal last weekend and I was whining to my husband to buy us a car already, maybe one of those new ford cars! The taxi fare from our house in Sta Mesa to Taytay, Rizal is P250.00 and another P250.00 for the return trip. Had we rode the bus, the jeepney fare would be P7.00 from the house to Stop and Shop, then P39.00 for the bus fare, then another P8.00 for the tricycle to their house. And we were 5 adults and 2 kids, so taking the taxi is really more practical. If we have the budget right now, I want one of those ford cars that are suited for families and look very good at the same time. I heard in the UK, they have dealerships that would give us quotes that suit our needs and budget. I really want one of these New Ford cars!

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