My Speech at My Son's Graduation

Mar 13, 2009

My son is graduating at the top of his Preparatory class on Wednesday and the proud parent (me!) is asked to give a few words to the guests. Below is my short speech:

To our distinguished guest, teachers,parents, grandparents, friends and graduates, good morning.

In behalf of all the parents here, I would like to take this opportunity to extend my deepest gratitude to Teacher Owie, Teacher Thea, Teacher Irish and Teacher Rosalie for all the hard work and effort that they have all put in, in teaching our children. When Danniel first came at this school, he was a very shy little boy. Some of you may still remember him during their Kinder class Christmas presentation where he was too shy to sing, but stood with the rest of the class there anyway. He was not crying, but singing, if only to himself. It took a lot of courage, and even if I haven't told her then, I gave Teacher Thea my vote of confidence. And seeing my son today, graduating at the top of his Preparatory class and ready, even eager, for the big school, I know that I have made the right choice in entrusting my son to them. Again, my sincerest gratitude.

To my fellow parents and grand parents, I would like to congratulate all of you here for giving our children the gift of education. Wala man tayong maipamamanangyaman sa kanila, we have given them a start at a good education they will need in this life.

And to the graduates, congratulations on a job well done. Some of you will comeback here for Kinder and Prep while others will go on to the Big School. I'm sure you will all do wonderfully. Again, congratulations. You made us all very proud of you!

Danniel, anak, we love you.

Good morning to all of you.
Forgive me for sharing this as I am ridiculously proud! He was also the first honor in his kinder class last year, in the photo below.
Galing ng anak ko no? As my mother would say, manang mana daw sa ama! Ha ha.

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