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Apr 3, 2009

During lunch yesterday at the office, our conversation turned towards the practices of some religion and why some would never leave their Catholic faith. One shared the story of a friend that belongs to another faith, who had her marriage annulled. She has a support group in her church, but she was forbidden to have a relationship with her church mate. Okay, maybe forbidden was too strong a word, maybe frowned upon? My initial reaction was, isn't that hypocrisy? I mean, what is the support group for, all talk, but no walk? I know that relationships can be formed with people you have close interaction and being church mates, well, that is a perfect setting. But how can you give her a support group, yet not support her choice? The debate was getting heated by this time and we were all grateful when the lights were turned on meaning lunch break was over.

After that debate, I was thinking, how do other Catholics feel about their faith and what are the rules of the Church that they think are not suitable for this time and age. So while surfing the Internet, I chanced upon a Catholic Chat Room where you can chat with others of the same faith and exchange ideas. This is very cool! I know that religion is not an easy topic for everyone, but with the anonymity provided by the chat room, you can ask questions from Catholics and not fear that you will be judged. You can argue constructively and enlighten each other about the issues you want to be clarified. The chat room even have room lists for single parents, Asian, seniors etc. so you can choose to relate and chat with people of the same background as yourself. Wow, this chat room is cool!

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