Circumcision Time

Apr 29, 2009

"excited na kinakabahan"

My eldest son, aged 11 was circumcised yesterday. His father took a leave from work to give him his support on this momentous occasion. There was a "Libreng Tuli" (free circumcision) project by Bong Suntay in our barangay health center so we took the opportunity to save a little. The night before, my son was "excited na kinakabahan." He was emotionally ready for the circumcision as some of his classmates and friends were already circumcised. He was just nervous of the pain but was eager to do it anyway. I have read countless times that there are no religious or health reasons to do this, but for my son, he wouldn't want to be called "Supot," or the uncircumcised.

This morning, I let Drexelle and his father do the cleaning with the boiled bayabas leaves and Betadine and the bandaging. I didn't look, nor any offer any help, not because I believe that garbage that it would swell, but because I feel that this a father-son thing. And my husband was really up to the task. More pogi points for him.

I can't post anymore pictures here since when I told him I will post them in Friendster, he almost cried. But he is okay if I just blog about it. He he. I guess he is still very much my baby.

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  • Fatherlyours
    April 30, 2009  

    Oh! Just remember when my 2 kids also experienced that ritual. My wife's more excited. He keeps reminding me of the scheduled date.

  • Sonnie
    May 01, 2009  

    my son's wound is already healed... he already overcame the "passage to manhood ritual", ha ha

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