Finding the Best Electrician

Apr 14, 2009

My husband's cousin who lives in San Francisco is home for the summer break and she is complaining about the heat here. It has been a long while since was in the country and she has forgotten how our summers are. She is putting up an air con unit in her room since she really cant stand the heat. My mother-in law cautioned her that summer time is also the time when the highest numbers of fire accident occur here. Because of the heat, people tend to use more electric fans, air con units and exhaust fans that sometimes overload the electricity which sometimes cause fire. We all agreed that we must have an electrician check our wiring's and electrical loads just to be sure. Elaine said that in the US, she regularly use the services of a reputable San Francisco electrician. She said that although she and her husband can handle the small things like changing the bulbs or sockets or installing a fan, they know that it is best to acquire the services of a professional and she feels it is an investment, rather than an expense. I checked the website of the electrician she mentioned and I agree with her that she is getting the best deal for her money. G Conley Electric looks like a reputable company of licensed electricians, (which can be easily be checked through the state board by the way), and asking them to submit a bid is very easy enough to do. I just wish we have the same kind of services of high quality electricians available to us here so we can also feel safe in our homes.

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