How To Deal With Hypertension

Apr 7, 2009

Following the recent scare brought about by my husband's hypertension, I am now closely monitoring his food intake. For the past week, his diet has been mostly oatmeal (Nesvita 3-1) for breakfast, fish for lunch (usually paksiw or sinaing) and a light dinner of fish. I didn't know that he was still a heavy smoker because he never see let me him him smoking. But this past week, I know that he is experiencing withdrawal symptoms and his craving is very strong especially after eating. Thankfully, he has a very strong desire to kick the bad habit and would just settle for a mint candy to satisfy his craving. We are also now back to our early morning jogging routine, although we were only able jog 4 times last week, because I had a very bad cold and cannot will my self to get out of bed. But we also took to walking at night, from our house to the Soen factory in Araneta Ave. to the Mezza Residences in Sta Mesa and back. And some nights, we took turns scrubbing the floor with our trusty bunot even while watching tv.

I hope we are doing the right things. From my internet searches regarding hypertension, my husband must:
  1. Lose weight
  2. Quit smoking
  3. Eat a low sodium and low fat diet
  4. Exercise
I just hope that we are on the right track, and that we can keep this up.

If you have any suggestions for me, please drop a line here.

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  • Fatherlyours
    April 07, 2009  

    My Doctor gave me salmon oil. I get it from her for P18/each. It came from USA.You could ask your Doctor about this.

  • babygirl
    April 07, 2009  

    thks for stopping by and you can still enter the contest if you know someone it would be a good babyshower gift if you decide you know someone who is having a baby just come back and let me know k
    and it sounds like your on the track with the hypertension thing keep up the good work

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