Is red wine good for you?

Apr 8, 2009

I was trying to search the web for articles on red wine and hypertension. I found one that says, one drink is relaxing, but two drinks are stressful. Then there is another one that says drinking wine or beer both have the same result: higher blood pressure. I told my husband to ask his doctor if its okay to drink red wine but I don't think he did. Anyway, I know that the key word here is moderation. Or better yet,abstinence.

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  • pehpot
    April 08, 2009  

    I ma not fond of anything with alcohol, just the smell of it makes me sick hehe..

    kanta na lang.. kase I love red red wine by ub40 hihi

    uy tru talaga un, pag may naiwan, tayo ang didiwarain LOL

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