Parents Need to Know What Anime Is All About

Apr 13, 2009

During the long Lenten break, we stayed at home and mostly watched television and movies. When its our turn, we watch Lenten-themed movies like The Passion of the Christ. The kids watched with us too, and we had to explain to them some scenes and what is the meaning of the movie for us Christians. However, when its the kids turn to watch TV, they would always watch cartoons, and one of their all-time favorites Pokemon. Now, I know the most famous characters in Pokeman as Pikachu, the yellow, cuddly looking one. But when the kids start to talk about the Pokemon's individual powers and abilities, I'm lost. Now, when I watch a movie, I am all for explaining the stories to the kids. But when its their turn to explain anime to me, my kids would give me the "you've got to be kidding me" look. How I wish I can understand all this anime stuff so I can talk to my kids about it and feel like a cool mom. Ha ha. Good thing I found an Anime Chat room for people who are interested in anime. And what better place to find out more about animes than in a place where anime lovers and enthusiasts chat and exchange ideas? The chat room is so user-friendly, I am sure to find people who are willing to educate interested people like me. I can create a chat room specific for parents willing to be converts and anime believers! And once I have learned enough, my kids will be in for a pleasant surprise!

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