The Privacy of the Judy Ann Santos-Ryan Agoncillo Wedding

Apr 30, 2009

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Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo are now finally wed, after months of speculations as to the real date of their wedding and amidst their struggle to keep it a private affair. I just saw last Tuesday on Macuha that they had a hush-hush and super-private wedding. They chose an unknown chapel in Batangas and had the guests party to the secrecy. Of course, they finally got their wish. It was said to be a private and solemn wedding, attended by close friends and immediate family members.

Earlier this afternoon, when we had our despedida for a friend moving to another company, conversation was of course showbiz-oriented and centered on the Judy Ann-Ryan wedding. Some commented that they were glad that the wedding was not like the Sharon-Gabby or Richard-Lucy circus, but rather a private affair. No media, no paparazzi, no screaming fans. But since it was all too sudden, the interest of the public has been heightened. They are now waiting for the official pictures and the wedding special that will appear on TV. They are also waiting for the requisite TV guestings of the newly weds and of anybody who was there at the wedding. I personally think that Judy Ann and Ryan had the best of both worlds in this wedding: they had the privacy they wanted, and they managed to whet the appetite of the public for more, thus jacking up the price of the exclusive rights to air the pictures and the wedding.

I hope other stars can follow their example. They really worked hard for the privacy of this moment in their life and made the calls on what they choose to share to the public. I call that an Angelina-Brad move. Galeng!

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