Rodriguez, Rizal: Soon To Be My Home

Apr 27, 2009

Formerly known as Montalban, Rodriguez in Rizal is soon to be our home. This is the view from my house. The neighbor planted the roses. The low concrete wall separates the subdivision from the farm that is directly in front of my house. When we visited last week, they look like they were harvesting but I can't see what crop.

There were carabaos grazing. Looks very provincial. My kids will be thrilled. There are also nice resorts in the area like Ciudad Christina's 9 waves and Green Nature Resort.
The Sierra Madre mountain is very visible. And even from a distance you can see the havoc that quarrying is bringing to the mountain. I just hope that there will be no repeat of the landslide in San Mateo that killed people and destroyed lots of houses. Oh well, I love the place!

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