Some Graduation Side Notes

Apr 8, 2009

Here are some pictures (aside from the requisite ones) I had to take during my sister's graduation day last April 1:

Here is how it looks like outside the school.  Lots of streamers from local officials congratulating the graduates.  They even give out pocket calendars and fans and leaflets to us who were lined up and going inside.  One parent asked whether they are giving out bags or folders because his hands were full already.  One pocket calendar caught my eye since it has the picture of the chairman of a barangay nearby.  I asked and the girl giving them out said she was running for councilor.  Oh, an early bird.
The graduation program was very organized.  But during the program proper, the host had to pause several times to acknowledge the presence of this and that official.  At the start of the graduation and during the presentation of the graduates, there were only 4 people on stage: the school principal, the representative from Dep-Ed, and the 2 barangay captains.  Towards the end of the program, there were 14 people on stage already!  By this time, I was already thinking of what time we might finish.
Thankfully, only Congresswoman Daza made an address to the graduates, maybe since she was the highest ranking official that night.  I was sitting next to her aide and the lady was comparing notes with another aide of a councilor.  The paper she was holding was filled with the time and addresses of the schools where Congresswoman Daza had to be in the next few days.  Busy schedule.  I pity those students graduating next year! Argh, my eldest son is graduating from grade school next year!
After the program, we were on our way to SM to eat out, a streamer caught my attention.
It was of  Herbert Bautista and you had to look twice to see the small "VICE" on top of the Mayor before his name.  Sorry for the poor quality of the photo as I was riding backride on a tricycle.  I just had to take a photo.  I was thinking, is he finally gunning for the mayorial seat bext year?  Umm, I personally think so.
This is my personal experience of a graduation nearing time election.  And I bet you all have the same experience.  Care to share?

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