Summer School for Ishi

Apr 15, 2009

My little girl Ishi is off to summer school today and she was so excited last night. Yesterday, we bought her paper, pencil and pens which she immediately put in her bag when we got home. She gamely posed for pictures with her new bag.
We woke her up early this morning so she has plenty of time to eat her breakfast. My sister will be the one to bring her to school. However, when I kissed her goodbye , she hugged me fiercely and said she is scared. I carried her up, embraced her tight and told her that the teachers are nice and there is nothing to be afraid of. I told her that she know the teachers because she sometimes come with my mother when fetching Danniel from school. I told Danniel to tell her that Teachers Thea and Irish are very kind. She believed us and went back to eating her breakfast, again talking animatedly about school. I wish I was a stay-at home mother so I can share this special day with her. Since I have to work, I told my sister to take her pictures and not to leave until she is at ease with the teachers.

I know that this is just summer school, a month-long tutorial and practice for her so she will be ready for Kinder in June. But this is also a preview of new things and experiences to come for Ishi. And although I fervently wish that I will be able to share those joys with her, I have to work and let others (my mother or my sister) take the place for me. And sometimes, I feel like I am a bad mother for not being there.

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