Summer Sunday at a Public Swimming Pool

Apr 20, 2009

We went to Blue Water Resort, a public swimming pool in Montalban last Sunday. We were there early, around 6:30 am as we had to commute from the house. When we reached the resort, there was a reasonable number of people there. We booked a room with our own restroom near one of the pools and the rental fee of P500.00 was very cheap. There was a queen bed and an electric fan. The entrance fee was only P50.00 for adults and P30.00 for the kids. There were 4 swimmings pools and a slide at the kiddie pool.

We had breakfast, then the kids immediately took off for the water. Our room had a view of the entrance to the resort, and at around 8am, we saw several tricycles, cars, jeepneys and even one truck carrying loads of people who were getting in at the resort. At around 9am, they had to refuse entry to a lot more people!

Here is what it looks like at the swimming pools around 11am:

But no amount of threats of bodily harm could make my kids shy away from the pool, tsk, tsk They had lots of fun, despite my fears of bacteria and diseases. At around 4pm, they were tired and ready to shower. I washed them three times with Safeguard, he he.

Thankfully, despite the presence of unruly teenagers, kids peeing (saw one pee on a plastic cup, then pour on the pool) and adults drinking beer and singing karaoke, our Sunday at the pool was very fun indeed. I didn't took a dip but my husband gamely played with the kids. That is until it was time for the Donaire boxing match. By that time, my mother had to look after the kids so we could watch Viloria and then Donaire win against their opponent.

This was an unplanned and spur-of the moment craving for swimming. Next time, we will either come back her when its not peak season or choose a different venue all together. But I think all resorts are packed this summer, right?

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