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Apr 17, 2009

Everybody is tweeting! After Ashton Kutcher out-tweets CNN on the race to the one million followers, now even Oprah is set to make her Twitter debut. So if you want to follow Oprah, you better sign up for your own Twitter account now.

Now, I am still learning how to use Twitter. A friend commented that tweeting is a lot like making a shout-out in Facebook about what you are doing. He asked why anyone would want to shout to a million people what he is eating for breakfast is beyond him! Well, like any social networking sites, Twitter has a lot of potential and I would like to explore it also.

So tweet tweet me @ishi0506!

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  • Snow
    April 19, 2009  

    Yeah everyone nga talaga is on twitter. Katuwa nga. mine is dearbloggery.

    Kita tayo sa twitter! ^_^

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