Want To Get A Tattoo?

Apr 16, 2009

Back in college, I wanted to get a butterfly tattoo on my thigh. But I haven't had the chance to do it then and until now. Last week, my cousins went to Boracay and each got a henna tattoo on their legs. That rekindled my own desire to get one for myself soon. But I am undecided as to what will be the best design to get for myself. I am thinking that it should be a classic and timeless tattoo that will compliment my sense of style. Or a butterfly, like my blog's theme or a dragonfly, which is Tutubi in local language. Anyway, I think that the best thing to do is to chat with people who have the same questions about getting a tattoo. I chanced upon this Free Tattoo Chat room where people of any age can ask chat and ask questions to those who already have tattoos and even planning to get one. It is a very user-friendly and you can meet loads of people who are either wanting a tattoo or trying to flaunt a new one. They even give out recommendations on the best artists to do the job. So if you, like me wants a tattoo but want to consult and talk with like-minded people first, visit this Free Tattoo Chat room now.

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