What to do in Okinawa, Japan

Apr 2, 2009

If I were to make my own Bucket List, one of the places that I wish to visit outside of the Philippines is Japan, preferably Okinawa. It is said to have the best beaches in all of Japan, and the climate is sub-tropical, almost like our very own. It would be best to visit a country where you don't need to worry about the climate. They also boast of the best coral reefs in the world and activities like scuba diving and snorkeling are available all year round. Did you know that Okinawa is also said to be the home of Karate, a form of martial arts or self-defense? Wow, it would be cool to see the sport practiced on its birth place. I would also love to see with my own eyes Sumo wrestling, which is Japan's national sport. Also, like Filipinos, Karaoke is almost like a national past time for the Japanese so we can be sure to be entertained in Japan! Okinawa is also a very safe place to visit. I know it was home to the American forces before and I think up to now, the place is not wary of tourists.

So, if like me, you want to visit Okinawa, you may want to check out Okinawa Travel Guide, which has all the information you would need should you wish to visit Okinawa, Japan.

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