Brigada Eskwela 2009

May 18, 2009

Today, May 18 is the start of the National School's Maintenance Week, which is more commonly known as Brigada Eskwela. This morning, there was a parade attended by students, parents, teachers and barangay officials from the nearby public high school in our place to announce the start the Brigada. It was the same high school where my sister graduated last month.

This is a very nice initiative of the Department of Education (DEPED) in collaboration with the school officials, the students, the parents and the local government where the school is located. It is appeals very much to our Bayanihan roots, a trait that is deeply Filipino. The scope of the project, from Memorandum Order No. 170:

SEC. 4. Scope of Work of the Brigada Eskwela Effort. Brigada Eskwela activities include painting of roofs, which add two or more years to the life of the roof; cementing existing footpaths and drains; repairing comfort rooms and toilets; repairing leaking water pipes; painting exterior walls of classrooms; repairing or replacing ceiling boards; repairing, refinishing or repainting chairs, desks, and furniture; cleaning up the gardens; repairing or replacing broken windows, jalousies, and doors; replacing school signs; and doing any other types or repairs as may be necessary.

I remember when my sister was in Third Year, I was elected as a classroom PTA officer in her class and we were required to be part of the Brigada. We were asked to do our part in helping beautify their classroom. One parent suggested we repaint the room and get an additional electric fan, so when it was agreed upon, the parents willingly gave money to buy the paint and to purchase the electric fan. One father also volunteered to repair the wooden windows and some chairs while one mother volunteered to donate some curtains. We all know that we cannot always ask the government to pay for all these expenses and we were happy to do what we can for our children. or in my case, sister.

I just hope that DEPED will come up with another brilliant and working idea like this Brigada Eskwela and stop the overpricing of books tat has been hounding them for years.

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  • yami
    May 18, 2009  

    It's a good thing that government initiate such activities not just to beautify the school, but also promote camaraderie among teachers, parents and students. You're right, the government should do something to lower the prices of books as well as increase the book per student ratio to improve the quality of education in the public school system.

  • cpsanti
    May 21, 2009  

    wow, this is really a great idea ;-) very proactive. i wish we had more programs like these ;-)

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