Effective Political Ads?

May 8, 2009

Manny Villar's Itik and OFW's sent home, Mar Roxas' Padyak, Ping Lacson's Bang. These are just some examples of political ads for these hopefuls. There was even one from Gibo Teodoro of the NDCC which earned lots of flack from people watching the Pacquaio fight. Are these effective political ads or what? I say they do get a lot of negative publicity but they also score big in the name-recall game. I have never heard of Gibo Teodoro prior to his NDCC "infomercial" but now his name is stuck in my head. Of course, should he run, I will not vote for him without looking deeper into what he represents. But of course, what about those people who will just vote for the person because the name rings a bell? That's the reason why we still have Lito lapid in the Senate!

Then there is the Ako Mismo ad. It is very catchy, what with big names lending their credibility. Some people became wary when rumors surfaced that MVP is behind it, but an advertising agency already claimed ownership of the advocacy. Maxene Magalona also defended it in Facebook saying that this is an advocacy worth our support. Still, people are remains wary of being used.

All in all, despite existing laws on premature electioneering, our politicians have become so brazen and the people have become immune to all of this. We the people are the victims here, not only because we are being subjected to these puke-inducing and self-servings ads but also because they take us for fools who cant tell the difference between truth and fiction.

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