How To Save Money During Enrollment

May 15, 2009

We have four students enrolled this coming school year. We are also trying to build our dream house little by little. With very fixed income and unlimited expenses, money is a little tight this time of year. So we try to be a little more resourceful and find some ways to save money during enrollment time. Here are some tips on how:
  1. Look for scholarships or sponsorships. Ha ha. Long shot, but always worth a try.
  2. If possible, enroll all the kids in one school to get a discount. In my kid's school, the 3rd child gets fifty percent off from the tuition fee if you pay in cash. There are also other fees that you only need to pay once for all the kids enrolled. You also save on uniforms and books if you can persuade the younger ones to use hand-me downs.
  3. Buy your school supplies in bulk to save on money. Shop in Divisoria to save even more money. Buy only necessary items. A pencil topper may be cute, but what is it for anyway?
  4. Re-use and recycle. As above, uniform of the older kid can be re-used if in good condition. While we all want our kids to have new things this school year, learn to negotiate. If you are buying him a new bag, persuade him to use Kuya's black shoes so you need not buy him new ones this year. Recycle old notebooks as scratch papers or practice pads. You can also sell old books and notebooks to your neighborhood junk shop to earn more money.
  5. Watch out for mall sales in time for school opening. Robinsons Galleria is having a 3-day sale and school shoes are on 50% off. I saw a Fisher Price shoes for only P300.00 and was about to buy it when I remember that my son has a perfectly working black shoes. I opted to look for a bag for him instead and saw an Elmo bag big enough for his books. It was on sale at 70% off!
There are other ways to save money during enrollment time. You just need to set your priorities right and encourage your children to do the same.

If you have other money-saving tips, please care to share.

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