Wheelchair Chat City

May 28, 2009

Every morning on the way to work, we see this man on a motorcycle with an additional two wheels at the back, just like a bicycle with starter wheels. The man is handicapped, but he operates his modified motorcycle with his hands and drives like any normal person does. He is a man with a disability, but he does not let this be a barrier to living a fulfilling life. I can only imagine the freedom and empowerment it has brought him. I have lots of questions for handicapped people like him and when I saw wheelchair chat room, which is a chat room for people with handicap and other disabilities, I know that I can have answers to my questions. I am actually inspired by the strength and the will of people with disabilities who continue living life to the fullest. Besides, chatting with them at Wheelchair Chat City will make you realize that they are actually just people like us, who do not want any special attention nor pity, but rather just acceptance. And if there is anything to be had in chatting with them, its the wisdom gained from being specially abled such as resourcefulness and perseverance. I just hope that more people will take the time to talk or chat with them so that they will look at people with disabilities with more enthusiasm and respect.

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