Art Is Life

Jun 29, 2009

Art is life. Art depicts our lives more intimately and more truthfully than anything else. All through out history, either love or war, anguish or joy, exultation or pain has been captured by art works all over the world. So visiting an art gallery is like viewing human history at its rawest and honest form. And I am glad when I saw online this Paragon Fine Art Gallery in Los Angeles. I can now view and choose to buy some great creations like these!
When I read, I paint a picture of the characters and of the settings in my mind. All through out the book, I have a clear image of how things are transpiring and how the characters look while showing their different emotions. And when I look at paintings, a story always comes to mind. When I saw these Michael & Inessa Garmash creations, I could imagine how their story goes. Their art depicts their love. And true enough, the artists said " Our love has been the inspiration for our work. It is with the paint brush that we express our true emotions." Their paintings are alive with love and other emotions that are associated with it! I saw a painting of a woman pining for a lover and I can really feel the emotion. Great huh!

So if you are interested in original paintings by up and coming artists like Michael and Inessa Garmash, check out their website. They even have fine art specials so you are lucky if the painting you want is on sale!

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