First Day of School

Jun 9, 2009

I was on leave yesterday because I was on Mommy Duty. It was the first day of class for my First Grader and I had to be with him. I was all ready to assure him that there is nothing to fear and that everything will be all right. But he took to school like fish to water!

He was just too excited! I guess all that pep talk about how fun school is really made a big difference. And my eldest, who is now in Grade 6 was in full-Kuya mode! He checked on Danniel every chance he got. Good thing his classroom is just across the school yard.

My little girl was also very excited to go to school this morning. No trace of any anxiety or worry. Maybe because she already know her teachers after attending her summer class there as well.

They dont have regular classes yet this wee and mostly just familiarization of the routine for my first grader and kinder. Next week, the real fun begins!

To other mommies out there, don't you just feel they are growing up too fast? :-(

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  • Snow
    June 09, 2009  

    First day of school truly rocks. Lalo na dun sa mga bata. Kay kukyut nila. ^_^

  • yami
    June 09, 2009  

    I feel the same way too, Dinah. Parang kelan lang. In fact, my eldest who is an incoming high school freshman is a couple of inches taller than me now...

    I'll be in a totally 'ngarag' mode next week as school for my kids will officially start on the 15th.

    Have fun, Mami Dinah! And thanks for visiting my site. :-)

  • PhilJurisDigest
    June 11, 2009  

    Nakaw, ako naman namiss ko maging student, highschool student that is,haha.Nagaaral padin naman ako pero iba tlga ang highschool. :)
    I bet they'll enjoy their school life too :)

    Haha, I remember my mother telling me,"anak, ganyan ka na lang, wag ka na lumaki".HAHA, Namiss ata nila yung makulit na version ko LOLZ

    nice post ate Dinah :)

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