You're the 1, Goldilocks!

Jun 16, 2009

One of my dearest goal in life is to give my kids a happy childhood. I want them to have happy memories and delightful experiences so that they will become responsible and well-adjusted adults. It doesn't mean that I spoil them, but I do give them the best of what I can. Its not always much, but my kids have learned to appreciate the simplest things in life.

A Sunday picnic at the park or a swimming party is already a big treat for them. But the hugest treat ever is a party on their birthday. It could be a birthday party with friends, cousins and the whole neighborhood, or a party in school with their classmates, or just a simple family dinner. It could be just the usual spaghetti-fried chicken and cake party but it is still a huge treat! But there has to be a cake, otherwise its not a birthday party.

For other family, it could be the ice cream, but for us, its always the cake that signifies a birthday celebration. And it cant be just any cake, it has to be a Goldilocks Cake.

My family's all time favorite is the Brazo de Mercedes, good for birthdays but even better as pay-day pasalubong. < Of course, a Fruity cake or a Triple Delight will always be most special for the birthday celebrant.

With a candle on top of the Goldilocks cake to blow after a Happy Birthday song, any child's birthday is complete.

Oh, and not just for kids, its best for all birthday celebrants, regardless of age! Below is my mother-in law blowing the cake for her 60th birthday.

And another of my mother and my mother-in law taking turns in licking the remains of a delightful Goldilocks birthday cake.

So birthdays are one of the happiest birthdays a child could ever have. And I make sure to make it special for my kids, however simple the celebration is. And I truly thanks to Goldilocks for helping make this possible. Really, You're the One Goldilocks, because you make being the Best Mother In The World a very easy and enjoyable thing to do!

And my kids have whispered those very words to me after a specially fun birthday. So, thanks Goldilocks!

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