10 Random Things To Be Thankful Today

Jul 21, 2009

There so many things to be thankful for everyday, and today I decided to list down ten random things that absolutely made my day.

Today, I am thankful for:

1. A husband who cooked breakfast because I was too lazy to get up
2. A son who ran back to kiss me goodbye before riding the motorcycle to school
3. A mother who texted if I wanted anything in particular for my packed lunch tomorrow
4. An office mate who split her lunch in half and said "hating-kapatid."
5. Some Ferrero chocolates from office mate, just because I helped print some presentations
6. A boss telling you how you make things easier for him
7. A sister, who despite her busy schedule, keeps on sending those funny forwarded-text messages
8. A mother-in-law who despite having forgotten to leave her some cash, made arrangements to have the TV repaired
9. A sister who help my kids do their home work
10. A guard who helped me look for a missing umbrella

I could list down a lot more reasons to be thankful for today and I realize, despite whatever problems I may have, it really is a beautiful life!

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