Finally, A Tutubi.

Jul 27, 2009

What is a Tutubi blog without its very own pictures of a Tutubi? A Tutubi or Dragonfly has been one of my favorite insects as they bring back happy and carefree childhood memories while growing up in the province. As a child, I can remember chasing after tutubi and tipaklong(grasshopper) in the field my grandfather tended. Oh we had so much fun then!

Last Saturday, we went swimming in Montalban to celebrate my mother's birthday. The resort was almost empty except for 2 other groups and so it was quiet, without the usual blaring karaoke sounds. I explored the resort and saw some butterflies and dragonflies. I saw one and hurried to take pictures, afraid it would fly away. But this one posed for me! I managed to take maybe 20 photos, but of course they couldnt quite capture the beauty of this creature.

But I am still very happy to finally managed to have a Tutubi picture for this To Be, To. Tutubi blog!

3 comments: to “ Finally, A Tutubi.

  • Roy
    July 27, 2009  

    wow! tutubing kalabaw pa!

    nice! buti na-tyempuhan mo ;)

  • Nortehanon
    July 27, 2009  

    Wow, congrats on finding models for your blog :) Mahirap mahuli yang mga models na yan. Pero yan ang mga model na walang TF:)

    Salamat uli for the notebooks. Sa totoo lang, halos maiyak ako upon realizing na ni walang notebook ang iba sa kanila. Talagang tuwang-tuwa sila! Kinailangan kong tanggalin ang mga notebooks sa plastic envelopes so that everyone could have his share.

  • fedhz
    July 28, 2009  

    wow. uu ako rin wala na makitang tutubi. kakamis manghuli. pero kawawa sila kase nasisira ko ung pakpak. gigil na gigil kase ako humawak eh.

    sakit yan mangagat. ^^

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