I want DirecTV

Jul 9, 2009

My husband was having a hard time with our TV last weekend when we were in Rizal. We don't have cable TV there yet and I'm sure we wont get one now that I have discovered Satellite TV. You know how hard it is to get a new cable TV subscription, as though you wont be paying for the services? Well, now with DirecTV you will get free equipment and free installation as a new satellite TV subscriber. No more dealing with cable TV operators who know nothing about customer service! My husband will surely be ecstatic over this not not only because they are the leading provider of HD programming but also because they offer 100% digital programming and superb customer service! And the kids will surely enjoying watching Satellite TV because more channels are available and they have better picture quality. So if you are the only left with a cable TV subscription, better say "good riddance" now and switch to Dish Network!

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