In The Rooms

Jul 16, 2009

There is a new Facebook application that is a sign that even online, we need to connect with other people. InTheRooms Facebook App is a way to connect, as humanely as possible, on the Internet. We cheer on our friends for being in recovery and the longer the time he has been in the room means that he is on the right track. We all need encouragement and support and this app is a very useful way to show our concern.

InTheRooms is a new app that you can use to share your recovery time from your addiction and share with your Facebook friends. You can add the time you are in recovery, and choose to share it in your profile. Of course, you can choose to be anonymous and not to display the box. Still, this app makes you part of a community and support group. You may be wondering why this app is called In The Rooms? It is a euphemism, for people meeting anonymously, gathered inside a room. As part of the group, you can just say, hey I am In the Rooms too!


This is a cool app, I tell you. So if you need be In the Rooms, log on to Facebook and check it out now.

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