Indian Clothing For Men

Jul 9, 2009

We were watching Slum dog Millionaire again last night and my husband wondered aloud why he didn't see any men wearing traditional Indian clothing. I asked him if he would like to wear one and he said why not? We looked at these Men's Wear from India and I had to agree that he would look quite "The Man"in the photo above.

Good thing searching for Indian and other ethnic clothing is now very easy, thanks to Utsav. And aside from the many reasons why you should try shopping online here, they also teach you how to wear a Sari! I have always wanted to wear one. Now that is very cool!

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  • alice
    July 21, 2009  

    yes utsav is known brand for Indian cloths.
    It made shopping easy.
    i know one more good place for Indian wedding cloth i.e
    Now a days Indian cloths are getting global demand.

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