Make Yourself Amazing!

Jul 13, 2009

After 3 kids, I am still as vain as the next woman. I still want to look good for my own self esteem. It's a fact that after pregnancy, our body undergo physical changes and sometimes no amount of physical exercise can make us look as good before. And since I recently lost some weight there are really just some body parts that could use a little help. And I am willing to go for it, just like any thinking woman.

I am talking about breast enlargement. After three pregnancies and the subsequent breast feeding, I admit to needing a little help. And I believe that having a breast enlargement surgery will boost my self confidence. It is a very simple procedure where an implant will be inserted through a small incision in your breast. You only have to stay overnight in the hospital to monitor the success of the operation. It is fairly a simple procedure, right? Then why is breast enlargement surgery one of most maligned and ill-understood procedure? I personally think that this is because some women,wanting to look good, fall prey to quack doctors who promise good results then performs the procedure under suspect conditions, which usually produce negative and sometimes fatal results. So once I have the budget, it doesn't matter whether MYA Cosmetic Surgery is in the UK. I will only trust my body and peace of mind to reputable and competent doctors. If I want myself to look amazing, then I will travel to UK to get the surgery done, and done wonderfully.

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  • fedhz
    July 15, 2009  

    Aw. I'm scared of surgery. CS ako eh. hehe. naku, sama ako pag punta mo sa UK ha? hehe. ^^

  • pehpot
    July 15, 2009  

    haha breats enlargement? I thought after 3 kids, a mom will need a push na lang.. kase you know mejo parang sinasampay na lang sa balikat pag mabigat na LOL

    hep wag mo ako pag isipan ng ganun, hindi pa naman abot sa balikat hehe, sa pusod pa lang LOL

    Make or Break

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