Pansit-Pansitan for Hypertension

Jul 3, 2009

Remember my husband's poorly managed hypertension? He had another episode this week and had to change his medication into a stronger dose. However, he is complaining of palpitations and he is now with his doctor to check if he should switch back to his previous medicine. I know, his hypertension really is poorly managed.

The above plant is commonly known as Pansit pansitan and it can be found near any garden plants. This one is taken in my neighbor's dish garden. I was told by well-meaning neighbors to boil the pansit-pansitan and have my husband take it as a tea, every morning and night. I made this into a tea for my husband last night and he said it doesn't taste bad.

I am not really a fan of herbal medicine but since Pansit-pansitan has been recognized by the Department of Health among its list of 10 scientifically validated herbal medicinal plants, then I am okay with it.

If you guys have a bad experience with Pansit-pansitan, please do share here.

2 comments: to “ Pansit-Pansitan for Hypertension

  • Chan
    July 03, 2009  

    Hmmm.....I wonder if that plant is the same as the plant in our backyard... Must have been some kind of aloe.

  • Anonymous
    November 16, 2009  

    I use that to manage my uric acid level. I suffered from gout for many years but decided to go herbal. when i feel the gout coming i take the tea and it goes aways after a few days

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