A Working Student

Jul 23, 2009

I was a working student back in college and my very first job was as a service crew in Cindy's Hamburger in Baclaran. My work shift was 12pm to 6am, graveyard shift and my school schedule was from 9am to 6pm. Yes, I also didn't know how I did it, but I even lasted more than a year on the job. It was a fun shift, and very challenging. Our store manager would disappear to the stockroom around 1am " to do some inventory" and we will see him again around 5am. Our usual customers are drunk patrons and their dates from the nearby beer clubs in Baclaran. And since Cindys was a fast food restaurant, we always had trouble telling the customers to order at the counter.
Sometimes, the customers were so drunk we will just give them and their dates a bucket of chicken and rice and soft drinks. But boy, these guys tip generously and so we always had extra money every morning. One time, the whole shift before us, 6a to 12nn, went on an out of town trip and failed to return in time for their schedule. Some of us who had no class were required to go on a straight duty because nobody else was available. I had never understood the word dead on your feet until then. Aside from the job itself, there are also other challenges with working in fast food chains. I had some co-workers who would rather go on overtime than go to school for more money. They end up quitting school, even if the job is also temporary. Some however get into relationships early on, sometimes ending up pregnant. But there are still many who still do good in school even while working. Me, I came out alright.

Now, why am I writing about this? See, my sister is a freshman in college and I was thinking if I should let her work, knowing from experience how it is. My fear is that once she is earning money on her own and not dependent to me and my mother for allowance, she will be difficult and may neglect her studies. My sister is a very responsible and active student in high school and is an officer in her school org now, but should I allow her to work also? Do the benefits outweighs the risks?

Thoughts anyone?

Ps. When I was working in Cindys, the logo was red. Wala lang.

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  • pehpot
    July 23, 2009  

    Cindys! meron pa ba nyan ngayon, yeah I remember na red nga logo nila...

    naku parang mahirap yta yan, usually kase pag natuto na kumita ng pera nawawalan na ng drive mag aral...\

    naku girl, mukhang hindi naman sya naturuan ni Liz sa styling.. tsaka baka naman mahirap din sya turuan LOL..

    anyways according to him naman prep lang for their movie eh..
    Make or Break

  • Nortehanon
    July 23, 2009  

    When I helped send my four siblings to college, my rule of thumb was that they shouldn't work as long as kaya pa namin silang pagtulungan ng mga parents ko. Alam ko responsible people sila but I didn't want them to have less time for their studies. But it's a different thing, of course, kapag talagang wala ng ibang magpagkukunan ng resources. Had it been the case, papayag akong mag-work sila as long as kakayanin din ng health nila.

  • The Lady in Green Ruffles
    July 24, 2009  

    Wow! Kudos! I admire working studs like you..Somehow, you can still manage your studies even you're working!

  • Anonymous
    November 16, 2009  

    I can relate to this. I was also once a working student, having a job at multiple branches of CINDY's (Cubao, SM Foodcourt, Cubao, Galleria, Antipolo, and finally Marikina). I was there for almost 2years but I ended up finishing college since I knew for a fact that it is temporary...+ad majorem dei gloriam, tulong-dunong '93 - kulit_25

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