Chicken Pox !!!

Aug 4, 2009

My husband is now on leave from work because of chicken pox, as advised by their doctor. He was having his blood pressure taken when the doctor saw the rashes on his forearms and told him he has chicken pox. When his workmates found out, he was shunned and told to go home immediately. He he.
In our household of seven, only my three kids and husband have never had chicken pox. I had it when I was in elementary and so does my sister. My mother cant remember when she had it but is very sure that she already had chicken pox. They said that once you had it, your body will develop immunity to the virus and you wont contract it again.

The first thing I did when I reached home yesterday was to tell my kids to wash their hands and to stay away from their father. I also checked their immunization charts and realized that only Danniel had the varicella vaccine. Oh well, better that they get it now (they will get it once in their lifetime anyway) so that whatever scars they have will heal and not bother them later. I know some people whose chicken pox scars are a source of much unhappiness, ha ha. I just hope that it happen after their examination days.

Anyway, I am not a hundred percent convinced that what my husband has is chicken pox because although there are rashes in his arms and back, I haven't seen one with blisters. Or maybe its too early to tell? He said the doctor said it was chicken pox and so chicken pox it is! But I think he is right because last night, he was scratching his back like crazy and I had to apply betadine to one rash that was bleeding. I didn't see if there was a blister though.

Oh well, if its chicken pox, then its chicken pox! Its not like its the end of the world!

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  • jeremae
    August 05, 2009  

    hmp... actually, chickenpox has little chances of coming back.. ^_^ but you won't call it chickenpox nah.. if chickenpox attacked you for the second time, it's called shingles... ^_^ worst than pox.. ahehehe.... don't worry sisz.. small chances only... ^_^

  • Unknown
    August 07, 2009  

    I agree with jeremae.... also everyone has a different level of one son had them only in his throat...that was a very hard time for him when he was young. My other children had them on their outer skin... as what I would consider a normal bout of it.
    I hope they all mend well with as little discomfort as possible !

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