Goldilocks You're The One Contest Winners, Congratulations!

Aug 10, 2009

The first thing I did this morning was visit the Nuffnang site for their announcement on the winners to the Yor're the 1, Goldilocks contest winners, but they have yet to post the list and the pictures! Good thing, Pehpot was able to blog about it. I was not able to attend because of work. Would have been fun to meet them bloggers behind the wonderful blogs! Sigh.

There were initially 4 laptops as prizes but due to the enthusiastic response of Nuffnang bloggers, Goldilocks added 2 more laptops, for a total of 6!

The winners are, according to Pehpot, are MenardConnect, Kwentong Doctor, Liz Buenaventura,Jonie and Maureen. I read their entries and they truly deserve to win. My Goldilocks entry is worth a read too, if you have the time. He he. You must head over to Pehpot to check out the pictures of the lucky winners with their laptops and Dingdong of, course. I really wish I was able to attend!

Anyway, congratulations to the winners and I hope Nuffnang comes up with more contests as exciting as these!.

3 comments: to “ Goldilocks You're The One Contest Winners, Congratulations!

  • Anonymous
    August 10, 2009  

    i'm confused. this blog is crazy full of adds and lacking on posts. its giving me a headache.

  • Dinah
    August 10, 2009  

    @anonymous, this blog was created for the sole purpose of confusing you! bwahahahaha!

    seriously, if you left your name with your comment, i would have given you a serious answer.

  • pehpot
    August 10, 2009  

    Dinah! lukaret ka! bwahaha.. I love your wit specially your response to anonymous bwahaha!!

    ako naman aside from hiya factor e may 5 inches heel ouchy factor.. bat kase nagtakong no.. wahaha

    anyways, around NCR ka lang ba? will you be attending the she bloggers meet up this Thursday? I wanna meet you in person :)

    Make or Break

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