How to Make a Makeshift Basketball Hoop

Aug 27, 2009

Last long weekend was father and son bonding time. Drexelle was bugging me to buy a basketball hoop for him but I was not promising him anything because anything bought will only last him a few days. I need not remind him how he lost a basketball just a day after I bought it as a reward for his high grade. There is a court in the street near our house but it is either occupied by adult players or he is not allowed to go out so he wants to build one inside the compound. Frustrated, he started looking around for anything he could use as a hoop. He asked me if he could use the handle of the pail in bathroom and when I gave him "the stare", he went to his dad for help. His dad was game, and so the bonding began.

So, how do you make a basketball hoop out of junk ? Here is how:

1. Look for a plywood you can use as a backboard and saw it to desired size.

2. For the hoop, look for any sturdy metal that you can twist into a half-circle, that will fit the ball . Noel found something behind the planters to the delight of his son.

3. Then attach the hoop to the board using nails, lots of nails.

4. Then attach the backboard with the hoop to the desired location. Unfortunately, they preferred to put in near my plants and I only saw it when they have nailed it securely.

5. You now have a makeshift basket ball hoop in your backyard.

It was a perfect bonding time for my boys as they both share the passion for basketball. I really admire my husband for being very patient with his son.

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