The Joys of Field Trip

Aug 21, 2009

"Knowledge of the pupils/students can be acquired not only within the four walls of the classroom but also outside. That is why the school is catering the Educational Tour to the students/pupils." This is contained in the letter sent by the school for my Grade One son, and the fee for the chaperon, which is required is P1,000. And I had to take a leave from work. Okay, this will be an experience for him. I was not allowed to join in any of the field trips when I was in elementary because of lack of funds and I sure felt bad every time those who joined talked about how they enjoyed it. I don't want my son to experience that so even if I felt the fee was too much, I agreed to let him join.

Our first stop was the Museo ng Katipunan in San Juan. We were there very early and had to wait an hour inside the bus while waiting for the museum to open. Inside the museum, it was small, with beautiful dioramas of the battles of the Katipuneros. My son was fascinated, saying it was like in Night at the Museum. There were only few displays of letters, pictures and weapons of the Katipuneros and we cannot hear the guide over the shouts and shrieks of grade schoolers.
Our next stop was at the Crocodile Show in Pasay, in the old Boom na Boom complex. The host was very good and engaged the kids very well. They showed what they call the animal ambassadors; the big albino snake, the horn bill, the orangutan and the crocodiles. The animals were paraded by the handlers and the kids were allowed to touch them, and we were able to take close up pictures. My son wouldn't come near them! Beside the Crocodile Zoo is the Science Entertainment complex where the kids were shown how vice dubbing, sounds effects and flying effects were made for TV. A pair of grade 3 kids dubbed Naruto and when they played it back, it brought the house down! The kids were so enthusiastic! When it was time to show flying effects and head dancing, you cannot hear yourself think over the laughter and the delight of the kids.

After that, it was time for lunch and we just ate our packed lunch inside the bus. We parked in the Blue Wave complex in MOA. Some went down to buy lunch from McDonalds. I was so glad to see a Mercury Drug store because by this time, I had a terrible headache. We stayed at the bus for two hours so by the time we went to Rizal Park, I was a bit okay.

We then went to the Diorama of the Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal (Lights and Sound Presentation) at the Luneta but they only do the light and sound show at night. There was a narrator telling the kids about the life of Dr. Jose Rizal, but my grade one was more interested in jumping over the brick seats and pointing at a frog. His attention was captured only over the firecracker shot signalling Rizal's death. I am ashamed to say that I have never seen this light and sound show and so I vowed to see it one of these days. if you are interested, the show in Tagalog is at 7pm and English at 8pm. Entrance during the day is 10, and P50 at night, with a 50% discount for students with ID.
We then went to Greenbelt to watch Jack and The Bean Stalk at the Repertory. We waited again for an hour, and my headache returned after going after my son and his classmates who couldn't stay in one place for long. By the time we went inside, I was just too tired. But the show was a big hit with the kids. My son was very happy with the show, especially with the cow and the giant. It was six pm by the time the show ended and we parents were already eager to go home. of course, it took us one and a half more hours to travel from Makati to Galas, QC. You would think that the kids would be too tired by this time, but inside the bus, they all went at the back and you could hear their excited and happy voices talking about the events of the day. On the way home, my son was already telling my husband how much he had. When we reached home, he was still at the door but was already telling everybody how he saw crocodiles, a snake and a flying carpet. I couldn't help but smile despite my headache and I have to agree with his school that it would indeed become a novel experience for him. Judging his smile and lack of tiredness, indeed it was. Ah, the joys of field trip!

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