My Iron Man

Aug 31, 2009

One more reason why I love my husband! He is so sure of his masculinity that helping out with the chores at home has never really bothered him. Here is my Iron Man:

Iron Man was showing on HBO while he was doing the ironing. It inspired to grab the camera and post my very own Iron Man here. And he gamely post for pictures!

At home, we dont have a helper. My mother and my sister who live with us helps with the chores at home. Even my 11 year-old son pitches in. I have no problems with doing any of the chores at home, and I am in charge of doing the laundry on weekends. But one thing I hate doing is ironing, and thankfully, it is one job that my husband loves doing! We are a match, wont you agree?

I know some husbands who wouldn't be caught dead doing this, much less agreeing to have his photo posted here. But I am thankful that my Iron Man is more sensible than most and a little ironing does nothing to his self-esteem. That's why I love my husband!

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