Reading Time!

Aug 27, 2009

Have you ever seen anything as cute as this? Look at my family, reading. They each have a bedtime story book which we got for free at a box of Nido Fortified.

My kids are not that avid readers yet. I sometimes offer to bribe my eldest son to read my Harry Potter books just so he would stop asking me about the story whenever we watch a movie. And my husband, even his curiosity for the Twilight books haven't made him a reader yet. And the younger kids would rather play outside than read books. Even when I read to them, they quickly lose interest despite my animated reading.

Oh well, this is just a rare sight for me so I quickly made a grab for my camera to capture the moment! And I will be sure to collect all ten story books to make my family read, or at least start reading.

By the way, the four story books are entitled Ang Hukuman ni Sinukuan, Tiger on the Wall, Diego and Marie and Bakit Matagal ang Sundo Ko. The stories are both in English and Tagalog and are illustrated in color. It would be a nice collection!

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  • fedhz
    August 28, 2009  

    ang cute!!! isa lang anak ko eh. sana pag laki din ni yz maksama nya mga cousins nya. i miss my cousins too. ganito rin kame noon. we read together ung pocketbook ng B1 gang and kung anong comics available. hehehe.

    kelan tong free book from Nido. nakakailang lata na kame wala akong nakikita hehehe.

    mommy, thanks sa pagbisita sa isang blog ko ha. uu nga onti lang advertisers sa adbrite kaya nagtataka ako kung san galing ung earnings ko. pero what I like dun, kita mo ung advertisers kung san ka mismo may click, kung anong size and everything. ^^


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