Thanks, Katinig!

Aug 10, 2009

My preschooler will have her first periodical exams this week and we reviewed her lessons last weekend. I had a very nice time teaching my daughter. And I am really proud of how smart she is. Hmm, takes after his dad, as my mother would say. Hehe.

What was really funny was when we were going back to her lessons in Filipino. We were studying Katinig or vowels and she had to supply the missing vowel. It was hilarious! I keep reminding her we need Tagalog words but she keeps on saying carrots for ampalaya, snake for ahas, doctor for ospital, bear for oso, etc. It was really difficult and funny at the same time, I tell you. Then, we switched to another page in her notebook, she said Ahas and I was laughing so hard because she was really proud of herself for saying the Tagalog word only for me to find out that it was ensaymada on the other page! He he.

It was such a fun afternoon for me and my daughter. A prefect Sunday, I must say. And all thanks to those Katinig!

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  • pehpot
    August 10, 2009  

    exam week din ng mga chikiting ko hehe.. sana naman eh maging maayos at stress free ang mga exam ng mga junakers natin :)

    nakow, meryenda time nga.. ortigas lang office mo? baka makahabol ka.. siguro hanggang 5 or 6 kame sa dad's

    Make or Break

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