Christmas Season Starts Today

Sep 1, 2009

The Philippines is known to celebrate the longest Christmas season in the whole world, and today is the un-official start of this season. Yes, today marks the beginning of the 'ber months, and even though its still 116 days before Christmas, you can already feel it in the air.

I was at the mall this afternoon, and they are already playing Christmas carols. And it made me feel more generous, and a little Christmas-sy. I ended up buying more stuff than I initially intended! Oh well, I am sure all of us would feel that way in the coming days.

But we should always remember the reason for the season, Christ himself, and not lose ourselves in the material trappings of this occasion!

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  • Agnes CF Lee
    September 03, 2009  

    that's an early christmas mood in the Philippines...a good idea to start preparing for Christmas..We in Malaysia will have the celebration for the fasting month for our muslim friends soon..not until November then we will feel the Christmas mood.

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