Farmville is Bad For Me!

Sep 24, 2009

So you bought Liway, your Lenovo S10 laptop last month, because you want to take this blogging thing to the next level, right? You even said that blogging is not just a hobby anymore and that it is a way for you to express yourself and connect with other people and stuff. You said that you even earn good money at it. That is why this laptop of yours is an investment, or tool-of-the-trade, so to speak. And payment for that broadband is not peanuts either! But what have we here?

Farmville, that's what! You are so busy planting rice and harvesting crops you even forgot to give your son his baon for today! This is already turning into a vice! Not a hobby anymore!

And what's next, Farm Town and Mafia Wars? Good gracious woman! Will Farmville pay for the broadband bills? Get a grip!

4 comments: to “ Farmville is Bad For Me!

  • siyetehan
    September 25, 2009  

    oo, tigilan na yang kaka FB na yan at wala tayong mahihitang dolyares diyan.


  • marhgil
    October 30, 2009  

    play it and blog about it. tips. tricks. cheats. marami nagsesearch nyan. that's what my wife is doing. kumikita na sya ng tunay na dollar sa adsense dahil sa FB games. :D

  • Anonymous
    February 10, 2010  

    It will suck you dry for sure... all that effort for little in return.

  • newy
    February 28, 2010  

    I think everyone should play games that stimulate their brain not where they pretend to be a farmer to a green or pink cow . That what bites !

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