Mommy Moments: Dress Up Day

Sep 4, 2009

mommy moments

Every year during their school's foundation anniversary, my eldest son Drexelle's class had to make a presentation. Last year, they danced the Singkil, a native dance in the Mindanao region.

He was not supposed to wear a sando under his costume but he was shy so ended up wearing one anyway. I was calling him to come nearer so I can take a proper picture but he was not keen on posing with all of his classmates around. Oh well, he is indeed growing up!

Forgive me if I am just babbling here, as this is my first time to join Mommy Moments. I will sure get the hang of this soon! But boy, this is fun!

3 comments: to “ Mommy Moments: Dress Up Day

  • Chris
    September 04, 2009  

    welcome to mommy moments! :D i am glad you decided to join us...

    how old is your son? see you around! :D

  • Talksmart
    September 05, 2009  

    Hi. Your blog has been nominated for the Filipino Blog of the Week Award (week 177). You may visit the site and vote. Please find the poll on the sidebar. Good luck for this week.

  • Karen
    September 05, 2009  

    Hehehe, conscious na siya, Mommy. My son also hates it when he don't have sando.

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