My Ondoy Experience

Sep 29, 2009

We live in Santol, Quezon City and our place is not prone to flooding. But this Saturday, like the rest of Metro Manila, we experience what we may all call a nightmare. This was how my house looked like at 3pm last Saturday.

By that time, we have given up trying to keep our belongings safe from the flood water. I had cramps in both my legs, my mother was almost hysterical, and only my 17-year old sister still has her wits with her. My husband was at work, and I was shouting at him hysterically over the phone to come home already as I dont know what to do anymore. He arrived home, leaving Ortigas at 3pm on Saturday, at 5am on Sunday.

After three days, our house is only now beginning to look habitable. For two nights now, we have been sleeping on the floor, using borrowed banig from neighbors. I only finished washing clothes today, using only my hands. My hands are both swollen now, since all our clothes were wet, and the washing machine was submerged in water.

But still, despite all this, I am still thankful that my whole family is safe. I can't ask for more. Material things we can replace,and we are lucky than most for having survived this with only wet and submerged possessions. While my friends, office mates and bosses were texting me if I need anything, I only told them we are fine. And I really felt fine, despite the backbreaking work we did for 3 days. Watching the news and hearing the experience of other people, I really can't feel sorry for myself.

Unfortunately, I can't give any help to other victims at this time. We still need food, pillows and banig. Thankfully, we received our salary today and can buy most essentials tomorrow. The only thing I can do now is to pray for them and hope that help will come to those in dire need.

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