Rolex Watches at Best of Time

Sep 1, 2009

I am not a jewelry person. I am more into the practical and useful accessories, like watches. And that is because one of my pet peeves is tardiness, which for me is a mark of disrespect. So when my husband asks for a jewelry wish list, aside from the ring that marks our 10th year anniversary, I asked for a ring.

Okay, we are not rich. So I would settle for a practical yet elegant looking watch. But if we were, I would want a Rolex. See, a Rolex, aside from being a luxury watch is also an investment in quality and workmanship. Good thing, for those that can afford them, there is that offers like-new and pre-owned Rolex watches. They are an independent dealer and are therefore not subject to pricing controls. That is a very good thing because for buyers, that means you are sure of greater discounts and savings. And they are also recognized by the Better Business Bureau so you can be assured that they only sell authentic Rolex watches. Oh, and they also offer free delivery and a three-year warranty.

One of these days, I will be able to buy my dream watch from Alex Jewelty.

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