Words Do Bring Back Memories

Sep 22, 2009

Back in college, I have this notebook where I used to write my thoughts and some "words of wisdom" that I would come across. I would also paste there some cut outs from magazines, newspapers, candy wrappers, etc of things that interests me. There are love letters, poems , bus tickets, paper napkins, flowers and a lot of things that I have kept over the years. And since we were cleaning house yesterday, I saw it again and had to smile as memories came rushing back. It was an instant trip down memory lane.

I was smiling as I read through the notebook. I could still remember some instances why I have written these poems and rants, if you would call them.

I guess, this one I wrote after a fight. There is no date so I can't recall now the name of the then boyfriend:
My hands and feet weigh as heavy as that boulder up on our hill. I cannot dance as lightly as the leaves that hung on our tree...

This one I think while I was daydreaming inside a Logic class:
I tried tuning in
to the senseless charade
and realization came quickly as dawn,
I don't dig, I cant dig, I won't dig!

There are a lot of poems here that I might share in the future but I cant help but smile as I remember some of these memories now. Its really a wonder how words can bring back memories of heartaches, joys and of friendships.

Oh, and SLY was the code name of my boyfriend back then. He he, wonder what hubby would say should he see this!

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