Cool Idea: Math Tutoring Online

Oct 29, 2009

This week is exams week for my kids and I think I am going crazy! What with the demands of work and the rush to be home on time to tutor and review the kids. My friends tell me I am so old-fashioned and out-dated by doing this tutorial manually, when I can apply for an online tutorial for my elementary kids and college sister. I really have no problem with all other subjects, except Math so when my friend told me where I can find Algebra help, I was very relieved.

See, I believe that for kids to retain the principles of a subject, especially on answering Math problems, they must practice and practice. While they might know Math answers to difficult formulas, a key to remembering is actually solving for these answers. That for me is the key to retention and understanding. So I have them answer Algebra word problems online and will be very happy if they soon became adept at doing these exercises. I know some kids and adults who still cannot do simple Math word problems, but thanks to online tutorial, my K12 kids can do a lot better. I told them that for every hour that they use the internet for social networking, they must at least check out Algebra 2 help to practice their Math skills.

And since kids associate their online activities as fun, they are actually quite willing and eager to do some online Math tutoring. And the online tutorial service they offer comes with a free demo so the first time we checked it, my kids were actually amazed. They even kept saying that they have their very own virtual teacher but way, way cooler! And they can even use this service anytime and whenever they need it. Now, isn't this a great idea?

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