Oct 13, 2009

How do you make a seemingly hopeless task seem bearable? How and where do you start a job that threatens to overwhelm you, both physically and emotionally? You bring friends of course!

This is the state of my house, two weeks after Ondoy. And without water and electricity and the mud still filling up the house, we sought the help of dear friends to accomplish this task. And they responded, and did MAGNIFICENTLY!

These wonderful guys are my college friends, kumare and BFF. Rona and Rodney, Ehms and Paul and my dear sister Dianne and her husband Kuya Mher, were just a text away. My other house in Quezon City was also flooded and they also helped me out there. They were the first ones to give me pillows, blankets and towels after the flood. And in Montalban, they braved the mud and the smell and helped try to re-build our house.

They are indeed a remarkable bunch of people and I am lucky to know them as my friends. And why HOPE? It's because, as Paul said and I have to agree, he is there not just to help us shovel mud, but also to give us hope. We all laughed at this, but deep inside, my husband and I are so touched by their friendship and show of support. Indeed, these great friends helped us look at our house with new-found hope.

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  • bambie
    October 13, 2009  

    you can never go wrong with real friends. you can always count on them when the going gets tough. :)

  • Marice
    October 13, 2009  

    my heart aches talaga everytime i see the affected of the typhoon.. sorry to hear that sissy :( hope we can all get over this soon..

  • Glynis Peters
    October 13, 2009  

    I wish my mother in law was still alive, she would understand what you are going through. She went through the same in 1953 in the UK. I wrote her story http://socyberty.com/history/1953-flood-a-story-from-harwich-essex-england/.
    I admire your courage and how you are pulling together,I know you have to but it cannot be easy. Best wishes and good luck.

  • christina
    October 14, 2009  

    ang swerte mo kc true friends are rare. And after so many things you've been through, sisiw lng yan.. Goodluck! Sayang hndi ako makakatulong maglinis, ang saya nyo tingnan eh.

  • reyna elena
    October 14, 2009  

    if i was there, i swear to God, gagamitin ko ang aking Darna powers to be one amongst your friends! grabe pala ang danyos perwisyos nang impaktong ondoy este yong bumukas nang dam sa bahay nyo! glad you have friends like that!

  • Dinah
    October 14, 2009  

    yep, we are indeed lucky to have survived this calamity with only damage to property, but with life and hope still intact. and with friends like these to share the work, it is bearable. even fun :-)

  • Mommy Levy
    October 14, 2009  

    you are so lucky to have friends like them. Goodluck sa paglilinis, grabe kapal ng putik. Sana matapos na agad. Hay sis, I am really sorry for what happened in your area.

  • fedhz
    October 15, 2009  

    My heart twinged after watching the news last night. ang dami pa rin palang bahang lugar ano. and to think buti sana kung malinis na tubig ung dumaan, ang lagay eh malagkit at mabigat na putik.

    you're lucky indeed. I hope I have friends like them. pahiram nga! ^^

  • Femmepower
    October 15, 2009  

    OMG. what a waste. sorry to hear about your plight. kami rin,inabot sa second floor. no furniture were saved. just small appliances.and like in ur place,pahirapan din sa water supply so di makapaglinis. you're lucky to have good friends.you must be a good person to be blessed with real friends. we live in marikina,the worst-hit city. =(

  • Liz
    October 16, 2009  

    Good job. You've got really nice friends...

  • Anonymous
    October 17, 2009  

    Good you have friends to help you out.

  • redamethyst
    October 19, 2009  

    you are lucky to have real friends by your side. friends can make us stronger. take care

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