Jack's Quest Halloween Contest

Oct 2, 2009

Halloween Adventure - Jacks Quest

Jack is on a quest! He is on the look-out for the best Halloween Adventure and is giving away prizes! So if you can share your last Halloween adventure, either through a story, through pictures or through a video, then you must join now! Readers will take a vote and choose among the entries the best Halloween Adventure there is! I joined also so please vote for me by clicking the link above. My Halloween adventure is about joining a costume contest with only 30 minutes before registration ends, 100 pesos and a child about to throw a major tantrum and how I saved the day. You can check my story by following Jack on his quest!

Remember that Halloween is just 28 days away so you should be prepared. You can buy Halloween costumes online or in a halloween store near you! This is something that I do now so that I will not be caught as unprepared as last year. Although it was a fun adventure, I would rather have something readily available and loved and approved by my son. Its a good thing that there are a lot of choices for costumes and there is also the convenience of online shopping.

So goodbye now as I am eager to follow Jack on his quest for the best Halloween Adventure, and check out the competition as well!

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