Life After Ondoy

Oct 4, 2009

We Filipino's are very resilient. We are always likened to a bamboo tree who bends, but doesn't break at the strong winds. And so we are all picking up the pieces of our lives after Ondoy. But one week after, life is not yet normal. We tense at the slightest sound of rain, and our ears are pickled by the sudden gusts of wind. But despite all of these, we can still laugh at how we survived and still swap stories of our survival. And upon hearing the laughter of my kids, I know the worst is over.

My kids are the lucky ones to have not experienced any trauma because of the typhoon. My husband's niece and nephew feels very apprehensive at the slightest rain and are crying already upon seeing the water rise on the street. One of our neighbors, are just now hauling their things and moving to a new house in Taguig, after having rented here for more than 7 years. This was the worst flooding here, but they dont want to take any more chance. They dont feel safe and secure anymore. I guess, we really all have to move on after Ondoy, and still feel lucky that Pepeng changed course. This flood will always be one of my worst nightmares, filled with what-ifs, especially with regards to the safety of my children. But life goes on. I just hope that we all learn from this calamity and treat nature with the respect it deserve.

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  • joy
    October 04, 2009  

    yes, i share the same sentiments, i feel a certain sense of anxiousness every time it rains hard and pours heavily, i fear that what happened last september 26 will repeat again. but i know in time, will be able to move on. in the meantime let's continue praying for one another. God bless.

  • bambie
    October 05, 2009  

    we Filipinos are survivors by heart. our resilience is what makes us rise up again after the hardest of falls. let's all continue to pray for the safety of our country. God bless you and your family!

  • Jade
    October 05, 2009  

    I am glad to hear you all are okay. It's true Filipinos are very tough and from here I think we learn that we have to take better care of our planet because if we don't...these disasters will get worst.

  • earthlingorgeous
    October 05, 2009  

    Maybe you can bring your nephews to UST or to Ateneo for debriefing. I have info in my blog about the free psychological debriefing and consultation. This is really sad. the trauma is harder to get over than the physical loss I think. I am glad you and your family are all safe.

  • fedhz
    October 07, 2009  

    tama tama! go lang. pag nadapa, tayo agad. ^^ di ko nga alam gagawin ko kung samin mangyare un. ako ang matrauma talga siguro. sentimental kase ako eh. pero shempre kelangan mag move on diba?

  • Badet
    October 12, 2009  

    Even though we're not affected by the recent flooding, we get worried every time it rains. I guess all of us developed some kind of fear from that situation. Good thing you and your kids are fine.

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