Mommy Moments: Tantrums!

Oct 23, 2009

mommy moments
Today's Mommy Moments theme is Tantrums and I had to check all of my pictures in my computer just to look for one! See, my kids are not big on tantrums because they know that it wont work. But they do love to try anyway!

This is my eldest making paawa. We were waiting at a doctor's clinic and he was already hungry and wanted to buy those overpriced chips at the vendo machine. I was laughing ended up laughing so hard when I saw this picture he took of himself whiling away time.

My second son is more behaved than my 2 other kids and instead of a tantrum, he does sulking more often.

Now, this is a full blown tantrum, a first for my little girl! I think she was fighting with her Tita over something we were eating. Her Tita took it, when she thought Ishi didnt want it anymore. Then she cried! Ha ha, I just love this picture.

And this one is a classic. Taken atop the chocolate hills viewing deck in Bohol. There is Danniel, sulking.
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